Count me up lite - 文字和文字计数器 for Google Chrome

Count me up lite – 文字和文字计数器

扩展程序 : Count me up lite – 文字和文字计数器 for Google Chrome
版本 : 1.0
提供方 : 由Iulian Preda提供

添加至Google Chrome


Count me up lite - 文字和文字计数器 for Google Chrome文字和文字计数器Count me up is a cross-browser compatible extension, which aims to provide an intuitive and clean interface for word and character counting.
This is the lite version which provides only the quick view functionality. If you want the full version you can find it here:

– Quick view on right click
– Auto update on text selection
– Supports 52 languages(all available languages)

For quick view:
– Select text -> right click

If you like the extension and would like to use it in other browsers as well you can find it in their respective web-stores:
Any other chromium based browser(Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi, Brave, etc) can install it from the chrome web-store.

Most of the translations are automated.
For any wrong translation, any bugs found or feature request please send me an email or open a ticket on Github.
You can find them in the "More information" section.

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