Google Meet的网格视图(固定) for Google Chrome

Google Meet的网格视图(固定)

扩展程序 : Google Meet的网格视图(固定) for Google Chrome
版本 : 1.0.2
提供方 :

添加至Google Chrome


Google Meet的网格视图(固定) for Google Chrome添加一个切换以在Google Meets和更多高级功能中使用网格布局Add a toggle button to use grid layouts in Google Meets

This extension adds a button to the top right bar (next to chat and a list of participants) to enable grid view in Google Meets. The grid view provides participants with an equal size video for use in meetings without the main speaker (such as working in silent meetings at home).

This extension forces every participant's video to load when grid view is enabled, and can cause performance problems during extremely large meetings.

Includes plenty of options to enhance your meeting: include your own videos, highlight who is speaking, and hide participants without video!

Privacy Policy
This extension does not track any user data, and therefore does not have a detailed privacy policy.

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