Highlight it for Google Chrome

Highlight it

扩展程序 : Highlight it for Google Chrome
版本 : 1.6.1
提供方 : 由Miguel Wilkerson提供

添加至Google Chrome


Highlight it for Google ChromeAnnotate the Web with highlight tool突出显示它 – 是一个工具,允许你注释部分用彩色背景的任何页面上。

– 你应该刷新使用前的页面,如果你刚刚安装的扩展
– 突出显示它将无法在Chrome内部网页,Chrome网上应用店页面的​​工作。 (通过谷歌浏览器的安全策略限制)

Highlight it – is a tool that allows you to annotate parts on any page with color backgrounds.
Use one of 24 beautiful color presets.

How to use
– You should refresh pages before usage if you just installed the extension
– Highlight it won’t work on chrome internal pages, Chrome Webstore pages. (Restricted by security policy of Google Chrome)

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