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Kofax PDF Create

扩展程序 : Kofax PDF Create for Google Chrome
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提供方 : 由Kofax, Inc.提供

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Kofax PDF Create for Google Chrome从网页创建 PDFThis Kofax PDF Create extension can be used only if Kofax Power PDF 4 or a higher version is installed on your computer. It functions only in a Windows environment.

This PDF creation tool of Kofax Power PDF allows you to transform web pages into compact PDF documents and serve a wide range of needs:
– Make important web pages available for later reading when web access is unavailable
– Assemble related web content into a single, compact PDF file
– Generate a PDF document for review of draft versions of web pages under construction
– Compile searchable web archives of web pages or complete websites
– Combine and convert receipts and travel documents to produce expense reports.

Key features
– Use a drop-down Kofax menu to create searchable PDF documents from web pages
– Transfer not only content but also formatting, clickable links, pictures and more
– Choose to create a new PDF document or append the web content to an existing file.

Installing the extension implies acceptance of the End-User License Agreement (EULA).
You can purchase and download Kofax Power PDF from https://www.kofax.com/Products/power-pdf.

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