Orbital Pixel for Google Chrome

Orbital Pixel

扩展程序 : Orbital Pixel for Google Chrome
版本 : 1.0
提供方 : playzool.com

添加至Google Chrome


Orbital Pixel for Google Chrome轨道像素的催眠游戏,将考验你的反应能力You are a little pixel and you must survive as long as possible! Go from orbit to orbit to avoid enemies but be careful! If you go too far of your orbit you will lose.

Orbital Pixel is an hypnotic game that will test your reflexes, attentions and speed. Avoid the enemies, stay in your orbit and get as much collectibles as possible, how much time will you survive?

How to play :
Touch the screen change orbit, avoid all enemies, and get all the collectibles

Game features
– Pixels style
– Stunning sound effects
– Endless
– Collectibles

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