Skydom for Google Chrome


扩展程序 : Skydom for Google Chrome
版本 : 0.0.2
提供方 :

添加至Google Chrome


Skydom for Google Chrome欢迎来到神奇高的王国! Skydom是一个明亮的和令人兴奋的难题有真正独特的游戏模式!去了成千上万的不同Welcome to the magical high kingdoms! Skydom is a bright and exciting puzzle with truly unique game modes!Went through thousands of different match 3 levels and want something refreshing? Have a look inside…only in Skydom you can face off with different players to determine the best at match 3!Show off your skill against real opponents or connect with friends in live Match 3 action on hundreds of levels with unique settings, gorgeous effects and unexpected turns.
Match 3 pieces of the same color by swapping adjacent ones!

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