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扩展程序 : BeeCanvas for Google Chrome
版本 : 2.4.38
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BeeCanvas for Google ChromeFiles, Images, Links, Youtube, SoundClound. Collect and organize everything visually in one place.How do you manage your project?
Here, there are too many tools that can help you.
Asana and Trello to manage your tasks, Google Drive and Dropbox to manage your files.

It means if your files are in Dropbox, your links will be in a bookmark or a pocket.
Tasks will be managed in Trello or Asana. You cannot control from a central place.

Of course, there are all-in-one project management tools available.
But, they are too complex to use. You have to spend a lot of time learning these tools.
So, we want to make an easy, visual, intuitive, but practical project management tool.

That’s why we made BeeCanvas

BeeCanvas is online whiteboard based visual project & task management tool.
You can organize tasks and manage every resource. It's visual workflowy.

Your task and resource management will be easy and efficient.
Don’t spend your precious time learning cluttering tools. Just focus on your successful project.

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