Better History for Google Chrome

Better History

扩展程序 : Better History for Google Chrome
版本 : 3.9.6
提供方 : 由chromio.dev提供

添加至Google Chrome


Better History for Google Chrome更好地查看您的历史记录。为查看您的历史记录带来最好的搜索体验,最清晰的界面和最有帮助的筛选。Better History replaces your Browser's history viewer and adds more controls to manage and browse your history.It also merges your visits and downloads in one easy view!

Reference your history quickly by jumping between days and hours in just a click.

Deleting a day, hour, or individual visit is painless in Better History.

Search your history fast by page title or URL. Each match is highlighted in the search results for clarity. Use the right click options to search highlighted text on a page or by a site's domain.

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