EcoBlock for Google Chrome


扩展程序 : EcoBlock for Google Chrome
版本 : 1.0
提供方 :

添加至Google Chrome


EcoBlock for Google ChromeEcoBlock deprograms you from consumerism by replacing ads with images that encourage eco-friendly behaviorEcoBlock is an ad blocker that replaces website ads with images that encourage eco-friendly behavior. These images help to deprogram you from consumer culture, and instead remind you to bring your reusable produce bags to the store, to make your own cleaning products, to use rags instead of paper towels, etc.

With fun "ads" such as "Do you really need that?" and "Buy Second-Hand", we hope you'll enjoy this subtle motivation to live a low waste, plant based lifestyle!

EcoBlock is based on the CatBlock ad-blocking extension, and is free to use and modify under the GNU General Public License.

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