Flow Laser Quest for Google Chrome

Flow Laser Quest

扩展程序 : Flow Laser Quest for Google Chrome
版本 : 1.0
提供方 : playzool.com

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Flow Laser Quest for Google Chrome如果你是数码世界、电子竞技和智力游戏的粉丝,这款游戏你绝不能错过!Fans of digital worlds, Tron and of brain games come and see!
Flow Laser quest is an ingenious puzzle game in a computer world that will put your neurons to the trials. Link the points of the same color through a hundred of levels. Flow Laser Quest is a puzzle game in which you must link points of the same color in a hundred of levels. To fulfill this objective, you must click/touch one of the points and then slide to the one to which it correspond, making a way through the square that compose the levels. Be careful, you can’t pass over a way you’ve already made. Test your intelligence and your patience through a hundred of level that are getting more and more complex and larger. Make your brain work and finish every level as fast as possible to gain every star!

– 100 levels
– 300 stars to collect
– Best score

Flow Laser Quest is an amusing game for the whole family! Only recommended for… everyone!

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