PDF Merge and Convert for Google Chrome

PDF Merge and Convert

扩展程序 : PDF Merge and Convert for Google Chrome
版本 : 1.3.2
提供方 : 由Jean Audet 提供

添加至Google Chrome


PDF Merge and Convert for Google ChromePerform everyday tasks related to PDF – merge, convert, downloadPDF转换和合并是一个涉及到PDF的日常使用需求的工具。


1. PDF格式的变化,从而延长不会对每一个PDF工作。你会看到一个错误,如果该软件无法读取该文件。


PDF Convert and Merge is a tool for everyday needs related to PDFs.

? Merge two PDFs
? Append an image (PNG, JPG) to PDF file, either at the first page or at the last page
? Convert Office documents to PDF (DOCX, DOC, RTF, XLS). The extension relies on OpenOffice and supports more file formats.
? Download PDFs: download from the list of all opened PDFs even embedded

1. PDF formats vary so the extension doesn’t work on every PDF. You will see an error if the software can’t read the file.
2. The software has some limitations with huge files. Please note that it doesn’t work on really huge documents e.g. scanned books with 500 pages.
3. A conversion could take a long time, so wait at least 10-20 seconds to get a converted file.
4. If you upload a document in the wrong format you will get an error. Please check if input files are valid by opening them in office applications.

Please use the support section on Chrome Webstore to let us know what issues you experience.

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