ShopeeGoods for Google Chrome


扩展程序 : ShopeeGoods for Google Chrome
版本 : 2.6
提供方 :

添加至Google Chrome


ShopeeGoods for Google Chrome淘宝代购是一款辅助谷歌用户浏览Tmall.com商品,并对感兴趣的商品进行标记,收藏的插件。ShopeeGoods是一款辅助谷歌用户浏览Tmall.com商品,并对感兴趣的商品进行标记,收藏的插件,用户通过登陆,方便用户对收藏的商品一键上架到shopee商店进行售卖。

ShopeeGoods is a plug-in that assists Google users to browse products, mark the products of interest, and collect them. By logging in to, it is convenient for users to put their favorite products on the shopee store for sale with one click.

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