SimilarWeb - 网站流量来源和排名 for Google Chrome

SimilarWeb – 网站流量来源和排名

扩展程序 : SimilarWeb – 网站流量来源和排名 for Google Chrome
版本 : 5.6.4
提供方 :

添加至Google Chrome


SimilarWeb - 网站流量来源和排名 for Google Chrome通过SimilarWeb扩展程序查看真实的深入网站参与、流量来源和网站排名信息。The SimilarWeb extension provides you with the full breadth of directly to your browser toolbar. In a single click, you can get in-depth statistics for any website you browse.


Website Rank
You can find out how a specific website ranks globally, in a particular country and in its own category.

Visits Over Time
You can see the number of visits a website gets which is also broken down into detailed information regarding a website’s bounce rate, the number of pages visited per visit, monthly website visits and a user's average visit duration.

Want to know where a website’s visits are coming from? We can help! At a glance, you can see the Top 5 Countries and the percentage of visits from each one. Want more than the Top 5 – we can provide that too!

Traffic Sources
Get an overview of the different kinds of sources that send users to a specific website. The extension provides you with detailed insights, such as direct, search, email, social, referrals, and display ads so you can get a better understanding of how traffic reaches a website.

Download the extension today for in-depth insights into every website!


When downloading our product you join SimilarWeb Panel and become part of our ambitious project of getting the insight and trends about the digital world this project is here to improve and expand the world’s knowledge about digital trends.

For the purpose of providing you with analytic data, ranks, popularity, and website metrics, usage of the extension requires granting it the following permissions to capture anonymized clickstream data; All Hosts, WebRequest, WebRequestBlocking, Web Navigation, tabs and storage. We collect data regarding your browsing usage, specifically the domains you browse. For more information regarding our data collection, we urge you to review our privacy policy before you install our add-on, available here:

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