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扩展程序 : SingleFile for Google Chrome
版本 : 1.18.89
提供方 : 由gildas提供

添加至Google Chrome


SingleFile for Google Chrome将一个完整的页面保存到单个 HTML 文件中SingleFile is an extension that helps you to save a complete page (with CSS, images, fonts, frames, etc.) as a single HTML file.

Getting started
– Wait until the page is fully loaded.
– Click on the SingleFile button in the extension toolbar to process and save the page.
– You can click again on the button to cancel the action when processing a page.

Additional notes
– Open the context menu by right-clicking the SingleFile button in the extension toolbar or on the webpage. It allows you to save:
– the current tab,
– the selected content,
– the selected frame,
– the selected link(s).
– Select "Annotate and save the page…" in the context menu to:
– Highlight text,
– add notes,
– remove content.
– You can also process multiple tabs in one click and save:
– the selected tabs,
– the unpinned tabs,
– all the tabs.
– The context menu also allows you to activate the auto-save (after pages are being loaded) of:
– the current tab,
– the unpinned tabs,
– all the tabs.
– Right-click on the SingleFile button and select "Manage extension" to open the options page.
– Enable the option "Misc. > save to Google Drive" to upload pages to Google Drive.
– Enable the option "Misc. > add proof of existence" to prove the existence of saved pages by linking the SHA256 of the pages into the blockchain.
– You can use the customizable shortkey Ctrl+Shift+Y to save the current tab or selected tabs.
– And more!

More info
– FAQ:
– Known issues:

See the extension help in the options page for more detailed information about the options.
Project on GitHub:

Suggestions are welcome 🙂

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