Steamgifts point monitoring for Google Chrome

Steamgifts point monitoring

扩展程序 : Steamgifts point monitoring for Google Chrome
版本 : 2.1
提供方 : 由jun4rui提供

添加至Google Chrome


Steamgifts point monitoring for Google ChromeReal-time(60s) monitoring website widget sweepstakes points. 监控steamgifts.com网站抽奖点数的小插件This is a site for monitoring the number of points you integral gadgets. Otherwise, every time a benefits package is easy to reach the upper limit of the number of points rose 300 points, do not fall too wasted words.

Function is very simple, plug in your own icons below will display the current number of points. And after the change point, there will be a pop-up reminder desktop (five seconds after the disappearance), where it is needed without any human intervention, fully automatic.

Permission to do so, you only need to read the Web page, rest assured this is impossible to read any of your personal information.



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