The Tab Suspender for Google Chrome

The Tab Suspender

扩展程序 : The Tab Suspender for Google Chrome
版本 : 1.0.0
提供方 :

添加至Google Chrome


The Tab Suspender for Google ChromeSuspend opened tabs you are not using to save memory usage and make your computer work faster and smoother. Flexible session…Automatically suspend tabs that aren’t used at the moment. It has been actually developed to manage utilized tabs that leads to saving memory usage and faster machine working. Reduce CPU usage by suspending inactive tabs makes the computer run faster, smoother and generally better and at the same time you can simply restore them at once you need to review it.

Flexible setting makes it advanced in managing websites. You can quickly add a whitelist domain to keep the website active or select category that shouldn’t be suspended among with others.

Built-in tabs manager is opened by hotkeys and shows you a dashboard that you can easily navigate using the inhouse search.

Some useful features:

– set the time for an automatic suspending
– hotkeys are available
– website manager for fast navigating
– simply refresh the website to activate

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